Joseph Paul

Joseph Paul


Hi, i'm Joseph. And i really suck at describing myself. Yet, i'm an optimist, pessimist and a realist.


My main occupation consists in creating high quality web experiences in the name of

I worship clean code. Because code always sucks, meaning it's never perfect. So the goal is to produce as little code as necessary to fullfil the needs, while making sure it's easy to understand and maintain and has as little dependencies as possible.

Other Activity

Besides that, i teach kids hacking and coding at erfindergarden

I am a student in the FabAcademy 2017 – check my projects here:

Some of my side-project websites:

  • YouTuBox can pull videos right from Dropbox and schedule uploads to YouTube channels
  • is a publishing platform (okay, it wanted to be a medium clone)
  • Random Useless Facts is a web API and Yo bot for – well, guess what…
  • puts dynamic watermarks on PDF files
  • – a german website on electric skateboards. The project is asleep, but the topic is hot. Contact me if you want to contribute!

Troubleshooting / Contact

If you have any problems for or with me, please check my User Manual or send me an email or a telegram.

Or a tweet. Or open a new issue on GitHub (maybe that link will work some day). Or send me a video message. Yeah please send me a video message!! Is that possible on YouTube?

You can, by the way, also contact me if you have no particular problem, as i'm sure we're gonna find one… ;)