Joseph Paul

Joseph Paul

About full mailboxes and complicated mail servers

December 23, 2015 #web

Mailboxes are always full

…as most hosting providers only offer a few hundred megabytes to their clients. Delete old messages? You must be joking – there are scaling clouds all over us!

Why does nobody provide infinite, pay-what-you-use mailboxes?

Use gmail, with cheap Google Drive storage! But then i can't use my own domain…

So should i run my own mail server?

Your options

Have it hosted

There is a choice of big mailboxes (ordered by storage space and price)

Host it yourself

For that amount of money, you can run your own server, right? But setting up a mail server is a pain in the ass. Yet, there is still hope – even for non-full-time postfix developers:

These are tools that help you set up a mailserver in very little time with very little knowledge or skill required.

Modoboa and Mail-In-A-Box are the ones i've tried. The former sets up your mail service and hands you a nice django-frontend for managing it. It is extensible via plugins and seems overall very well-made and highly adaptable.

Mail-In-A-Box offers far less configuration options that Modoboa, but rather goes in a different direction. You run it on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 and it takes care of everything, including firewall, dns and ssl setup. To me it seems by far the quickest and simplest solution to a production-ready mail server. Read more about Mail-In-A-Box.