Joseph Paul

Joseph Paul

Mail-In-A-Box your own mail server made easy

December 23, 2015 #web

    With Mail-In-A-Box it's quite simple to set up your own mail server. You basically just need to run one command on a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 machine.

    The setup script takes care of everything. That's why it's creator recommends only running it on a fresh and clean system. And also, it's "not supported" to run other services on the same machine. Generally, almost anything that's not done by the setup script itself is "not supported". You read that phrase a lot when browsing through their support forum.

    But that's not much of a problem, as besides the essentials, mail-in-a-box brings a bunch of other software, for example roundcube for webmail and owncloud for CalDAV & CardDAV. So there's really nothing more one could want, right? Well, maybe nothing more… but certainly less.

    Despite the fact, that it's not supported, i probably wouldn't run any additional services on a mail server anyway. For the sake of security. And that's also why i would never ever want to have owncloud sit there right next to postfix and bind. But that means a lot of work, as mailinabox would restore its default configuration on every update, thus making it necessary to disable owncloud each time again.

    Luckily, there is a helper to ease the work. Disclaimer: It's certainly not supported and highly untested! And this time i am not joking!

    screenshot of the mail-in-a-box control panel

    Besides that, mail-in-a-box is great! It comes with a handy control panel, which tells you at a glance whether everything is set up correctly and up-to-date.

    The interface for managing mailboxes and aliases is very basic. You can also manage your DNS records and SSL certificates from there and configure automatic backups to hard disk or S3. And thats it. And honestly, that's all you want. I've never missed any feature there.